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Feedback Forms



Please give us your imput on your experience with Leidos Sterling Integration and your opinion of the products and/or services we have provided to your organization. Your feedback is very important to us. Your criticism and compliments are important in our quest for continuing improvement, so we appreciate and encourage your feedback. Please go to the Customer Satisfaction Survey Form.


Our goal is to make this site as user-friendly and informative as possible. If you have suggestions that would make this site more usable and/or informative, please go to our Website Feedback Form


Please read the warranty information and then use the RMA Request Form before sending items back to Leidos for service.



In order to meet our primary quality goal of total Customer Satisfaction, we welcome and greatly appreciate our customers' views and feedback. Please let us know if we can make our documents easier for you to use. We want to know about inaccurate information, topics on which you need more information, information that is difficult to locate or understand, and ways that we can improve the presentation of the information.

To complete the form online, please go to the Product Manual Feedback Form. You can also print the form from the back of any PDF document, write your comments, and fax the completed form to Leidos Sterling Integration at (703) 707-8493.